New offices & Workshop in China

Still in the idea to maintain its international development, Alphaplatre opens its workshop and commercial offices in China.  

Acquisition by RBL-REI

Alphaplatre is acquired by the company RBL-REI, member of the group CMI. RBL-REI is an engineering company specialized in the bulk handling industry.  

New offices in Russia

In order to follow its international development, Alphaplatre opens its first commercial offices in Moscow, Russia.  

Installation of two vertical kilns

Alphaplatre designs and installs two vertical kilns with a capacity of 450tons/day each.  

ISO 9001 Certification

Alphaplatre gets the ISO 9001 certification, proof of the seriousness of the company.  

Acquisition by CERIC Group

In 2005, Alphaplatre is acquired by the CERIC Group, which is an engineering company specialized in services and equipment for the prodcution of clay based building materials.  

Firts gypsum boards production unit

Alphaplatre diversifies and delivers its first equipment for a gypsum boards production unit.  

Installation of a dryer with low consumption

In 1994, Alphaplatre designs and installs a complete gypsum blocks production line. In order to reduce the energy consumption, Alphaplatre has developped a dryer with condensers. This soultion enables to reduce the consumption by 50%  

First Horizontal Kiln

In order to answer to its customers demand, Alphaplatre in partnership with another engineering company, installs its first horizontal kiln.  

First Plaster Production unit

Alphaplatre designs and installs its first plaster production unit. It was a vertical kiln with a capacity of 180 tons/day.