ALPHAPLATRE Our scope of activity


Gypsum is an essential raw material for the development of all plaster based products. It is generally a matt white finely crystalline rock. Its purity and homogeneity play a vital role in the quality of plaster based products.

Alphaplatre offers industrial solutions for handling and storing gypsum, thus enabling its homogenisation. This intermediate step is essential to obtain a more regular and constant gypsum. Generally a buffer stock of 5 to 15 days is created and reclaimed later. In order to guarantee the quality of this operation Alphaplatre offers 2 solutions, detailed below:


Stackers are directly connected to the belt conveyors ensuring the gypsum supply. The stackers can be mobile and installed on rails or wheels. They perform a precise storage enabling the homogenisation of gypsum. This equipment can adjust its height to reduce the risk of falling product.


Directly integrated to the structure of the storage warehouse, the tripper is mobile all along the building. The assembly is fixed to a conveyor belt which ensures the gypsum supply. The gypsum is then distributed on each side of the conveyor for storage. The movements of the tripper are automated and ensure a perfect homogenisation of the product.

 Key figures

  • Capacity : From 5 to 20 000 t/h
  • Belt width : From 650 to 2 400 mm
  • Speed : From 0.5 to 8 m/s